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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Black Team are Home to Nome

It was a typical windy day in Nome when Allen and his super-team trotted up Front Street at dawn. Spicy and Viper guided the team up the street to the waiting crowd of family and friends.

They finished in 33rd position in 10 days, 18 hours, 4 minutes and 21 seconds and their run time from Safety to Nome was right up there with some of the front runners! We are all so proud of Allen and his team of experience mixed with youth for finishing so strongly and looking so happy and healthy at the end. That is a real testament to Allen's exceptional dog care that he finished with 13 dogs; five of whom were Iditarod rookies (Clyde, I.V., Chemo, Fang and Schmoe) and three running it for only their second time (Scooter, Pud and Lester). Viper, in just his third Iditarod, led for the entire 1000 miles! What a star! Spicy, Bonita, Tatfish and Moxie did a fantastic job showing the youngsters the ropes.

Did you notice that Allen was STILL ski-poling, even on Front Street!!

Black team are home; Allen and his super-leader Viper share a moment (photo credit: Wendy)

The team has been fed and settled into the dog yard and the entire team - Allen included - and are now sleeping.

The poets amongst us might think it is appropriate they arrived at dawn as his team included so many dogs at the dawn of their careers for SP Kennel.


Margaret said...

What a lovely report! Thanks you so much.

Ernest Hemingway himself couldn't have done better in prose ("The Sun Also Rises"). Loved you choice of words re: "dawn of their careers..."


Great job Black Team 2-legged and 4-legged members!!!

Paula Nations Medlin said...

So proud of you~ Allen!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting. i am an INSIDER but of course no sound was available as Allen came in so its great to see the video and hear. thank you and best of luck to both of you. :) Dori

Cathy said...

These dogs finished so strong! Just looking at the video Some of them look like they're super-distractable now, but all that energy is going to mix up with experience and make some pretty special dogs.

Lourdes, VT said...

Very good poets on your team guys!!! The photo of Allen and Viper in Nome speaks a thousand words!!! Thank you Allen and Team for being who you are!!!

The picture of Allen and Viper in Nome speaks volumes!!! Thank you Allen and Viper, and the whole team for being who you are!!!
And the same goes for Aliy and her amazing Quito and team, AND a very special thank you to the wonderful CREW at SP Kennel!!!
You all were meant to be together at this point in time!!!
You ALL have my admiration and prayers!

Lourdes, VT said...

The video from Front Street was absolutely touching!!!
How much love for those amazing dogs you all have in your hearts!!!
You all are raw models for me. Mind you,I'm not even a musher... but some day, I will be...

Melissa Krahmer said...

I can't wait to hear Aliy and Allen's reports on each dog. What a great experience for the young dogs. Clyde will have lots to tell the other yearlings when he gets back to the kennel.

Theresa Heyerdahl said...

Way to go Allen! Happy for you all! Theresa Heyerdahl - Horizon Lines Kodiak, AK.

Mary said...

Ya!!! ...like Margaret said!!! " Pawesome" Black Team!!! wooo-hoooooo!!!

stormy said...

Way to go Black Team!

Mike Frerichs said...

Congratulations to Allen and his team! They look great. Thank you so much for these wonderful posts!

Candace Wilson Bush said...

You and Aliy are both truly amazing! congrats and thank you for a great race!

Anonymous said...

So NICE to have you home. :) love that you are resting.

enjoy the banquet

Both of you

The Ticknor's

Mary from NH said...

So happy to see both teams finish the race. I am 11,live in NH,and my class was asked to follow a team in the race. I picked Aliy because she was a girl and born in NH,but I learned about both the red and black teams and could even name the dogs from the photos. I learned a lot about Alaska,the Iditarod, and the dogs,which was my favorite part. All the dogs are so cute and strong,and I'm happy to know that you take such good care of them.Congratulations for doing such a good job and teaching me so much.