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Friday, March 1, 2013

Thanks To Our Sponsors!

The crew took some time out of their preparations today to visit with staff from three of our biggest sponsors: Clarion Suites, Quality Suites and Horizon Lines. Clarion Suites and Quality Suites provide excellent accommodation to the crew with they are in Anchorage and Horizon Lines not only sponsors SP Kennel but is also one of the main Iditarod sponsors. THANK YOU ALL!

Scruggs is sponsored by Clarion Suites and Quality Suites staff so he joined in on the staff meeting and Aliy and Allen presented each team with a fantastic signed poster of the man himself. He lapped up the attention and charmed everyone - as always.

Later the crew visited Horizon Lines with Beemer and Dingle who hammed it up and enjoyed lots of pats and kisses.


Dawn from Maine said...

AWWWW! That's so sweet! Dogs DO Rule!! My 2 pups, Jade and Moses, love hearing the barking and howling when playing the vids! Sleep well!!!

Anonymous said...

Meghan and Moira, this is what everyone at SPK has been working for. and you two have been stellar.. you follow a great tradition of stellar handlers and I wish you all the best in what ever paths you travel next. Thanks for everything you both have done to make this a wonderful experience for the doggies and for us FANS. We really appreciate it ALL. Good luck! and gooo SP Kennel!
Padee in Santa Rosa, CA

Lourdes, VT said...

Your dogs are so beautiful and sweet!
Best of luck and lots of prayers for a safe and happy trail!