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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Iditarod Prizegiving and Finish Banquet - Videos

At the Iditarod Prizegiving and Finish Banquet each musher gets an opportunity to tell trail stories and thank sponsors, supporters and family. Here are a few snippets from Aliy's and Allen's speeches.

Snippets from Aliy's speech

Snippets from Allen's speech

Not sure how well you can hear Allen's speech but he tells us about his interesting experience just before the Iditarod checkpoint where, in the course of catching up with his team, he pulled a hamstring! He completed the rest of the race, over 500 more miles, on just one leg!

Stay tuned for part two of Aliy's speech where she tells us about a significant moment on the trail that changed the course of her race.


Margaret said...

Aliy is a real champ!!!

I'm at the edge of my seat waiting to hear the next episode!!!

All the best to Allen as he recovers - and what an accomplishment for the Black Team members to finish (they really looked good doing it, too - without too much ski-poling under the circumstances by their musher)!

Thank you so much for all this news.

Anonymous said...

Thank You! I can not believe the Iditarod web site did not have video of Aliy nor Mitch's speeches. That is a pretty big oversite. Look forward to your next video.

Lourdes, VT said...

Wonderful speeches. Aliy's with her usual positive attitude and her sense of humor!
Allen, hope you recover soon! You are tough in bold letters and a capital T.
Both your teams are very lucky to have you both!

Hoss (ret.), Cindy and Tom said...

Aliy and Allen are truly remarkable and humble sportsfolks and athletes...and all the members of SP Kennel (two and four-legged alike). I have learned two rules of dogsledding: (1) never let go of the sled, and (2) don't forget rule number 1. Hope Allen has a speedy recovery.