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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Black Team Through Safety

Allen and the team are through Safety and they are flying! We're heading down to the finish chute soon to welcome them in.

Viper and Spicy in lead, Scooter and Schmoe, Lester and Fang, Chemo running solo, Moxie and Pud, Clyde and I.V. and Tatfish and Bonita in wheel

Photos and video of their finish asap. Go Team!


Julie Anne O'Neill said...

Go Allen & The Black Team! You sure are flying! A great sign for the future of the kennel.

And, so happy to see some YQ dogs that got dropped early on that race finishing strong in this 1,000 miler! And, rookie Clyde...fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!!! They are doing so great!!! So proud of everyone!

Anonymous said...

Go Allen and Black Team!!!!!!!
Just got up to watch Allen come in online. Luckily it is only an hour difference here in Comox.
will be cheering for you!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Only 11 more miles to go! I know you are tired and ready to see your beautiful wife. Keep at it... almost there. The pups look AMAZING!

The Ticknor's

Delores said...

I'm in awe ... these photos & videos are truly amazing. They help those of us Outside get a sense of the race, the conditions, the training, the isolation, the work, the joy, the teamwork (humans & K9) required for this incredible journey. Thank you ALL for the the great work & for bringing these stories to those of us who can't be there.

Lourdes, VT said...

Best to you and your pups!!! They look adorable and healthy along the trail!!!! Go Black Team!!!!