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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Aliy Talks About Her Leaders

If you take a look at the team rosters you will see that there are a number of dogs listed as "leaders" on both Aliy and Allen's teams. I asked her recently about having so many good leaders in her team and in what different circumstances or situations she would put different dogs in lead:

This video was taken during the team's final training run before the Iditarod.


stormy lntz said...

Thanks for the info.Good luck in the race.You and your dogs are doing great!

Isabel Smith-Willhouse said...

You are the fastest sled this morning at 9.2 mph! Looks like the 24 hr rest did you all some good! Keep it up Aliy and team!

Holly Freeman said...

So interesting...you have a strong and versatile team. We're with you Aliy and Allen! Safe and swift travels.

Anonymous said...

Can you catch us up on the red and black dogs? Who has been dropped besides TUg and Kipper?

Margaret said...


Here is a link to my website's version of the latest from Takotna and beyond:


(Not necessary to post this, as it is only one fan's thoughts on the real commentary you guys do such an awesome job at)