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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Two Rivers Checkpoint in Pictures

Allen beds the team down for the eight hour layover

L-R Allen gives Chica a kibble snack then heads towards to food tent for four helpings!

L-R The media want to talk to Allen and so do his supporters!


mushmore said...

Great job on the pictures and the videos. Sp kennel has done a great job in documenting the whole race. Great for us who are watching from the warmth of our chairs.

Anonymous said...

wonderful to have everyone greet Allen, when he came into Two Rivers. Go Allen Go!!!!!
thanks for all the fantastic pictures SP crew.

kellerfrau said...

SPK supporters!

I have set up a live chat room, so we can share our excitement about the YQ finish!

Come over here.

Create an account for the forum, then go to the chat room.

See you there!

Lisa B said...

YQ site has a lot of great pictures of the Two Rivers checkpoint and I just have to say that in those photos and in various YQ site videos and in all the photos and videos that you are posting to the DogLog that Meghan seems to be doing such a calm, steady job of handling during the second 1/2 of the race.

The ENTIRE SP Kennel support team is FABULOUS but I just want to send out a special "you rock" to Meghan. Please let her know that fans have noticed and appreciate her contributions to Allen's race.