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Monday, February 18, 2013

Taco the Toy Yukon Quest Dog Needs a Home!

For those of you that remember "Taco" (the stuffed toy husky) from the Yukon Quest here is your chance to take him home! We have photographic evidence of him visiting most of the checkpoints along the way but there are a few pics in which his location is a little harder to identify! If you can tell us the name of his location in these six photos your name will go in the draw to win him plus a copy of the 2013 YQ Race Annual signed by both Allen and Aliy. The second and third place getters also receive a signed Race Annual.

You can either email your answers to spkdoglog@gmail.com or private message us on Facebook BEFORE midnight (AST) Thursday, 21st February and we'll draw the lucky winners! Good luck.

1) We had some trouble here 2) Taco caught up with some rest here 3) This was pretty exciting!

4) Yum, cinnamon buns 5) The National Guard helped out here 6) Some mushers slept on this fire truck

PS Taco came from a large, healthy litter so watch out for his siblings as the season goes on!


Dawn E said...

argh!!! 2 more to go

Unknown said...


I would have said Circle was where you had trouble because you didn't reach it in time, but I am pretty sure I saw photos of mushers on top of the fire truck in Circle, so ...

1 Mile 101 (before Eagle Summit)
2. Dawson City
3. Fairbanks .. YEAH
4. Braeburn
5. Two Rivers
6. Circle

That first one is a killer.

Iris said...

I have all but two too (one I call home). I do really want a taco!

Jan Leaman said...

Mile 101?, Dawson, Whitehorse, Braeburn, Pelly, Circle

Dawn from Maine said...

Is it Dawson City? Cool idea!

Margaret said...


Nice article from Fairbanks News-Miner on drop offs for Iditarod - part attached below:

Interior Alaska mushers prepare for the Iditarod
Published: February 18, 2013
By TIM MOWRY — Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

FAIRBANKS, Alaska — The end of the Yukon Quest means its more famous cousin, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, is right around the corner.

Interior mushers entered in this year's nearly 1,000-mile race from Anchorage to Nome, including newly crowned Quest champion Allen Moore, who is one of five Quest mushers pulling double duty by running both races, dropped off their race supplies at Air Land Transport in Fairbanks on Monday.

Moore, who was the first to cross the Quest finish line at 6:54 a.m. Monday, was probably home in bed getting some well-deserved rest by the time handlers for he and his wife, Aliy Zirkle, last year's Iditarod runner-up, showed up to drop off their food supply bags a little after 11 a.m.

Anonymous said...

ok so here's the deal! it was supposed to be a contest to see who was really paying attention at 3 am, and you have now told everyone the answers.. as a teacher I would call that uhh... copying the anwers off anothers paper. =)
good thing I got my entry in early before the answers were posted above and I was disqualified! It was a great RACE!
Padee Santa Rosa

Anonymous said...

Actually are you positive they are the correct answers?

Lourdes, VT said...

Very appropriate comment from the teacher. I submitted my entry, however, I have not wanted to look at any of the comments, because I realized that there could be some answers in them!

Linda Joy said...

Hey Aliy! wish I had known Taco needed a Home. Albuquerque would have been a great place for Taco! Sure a Hot Air Balloon Ride must be on His Bucket List with a name like Taco... Keep up the good work. Your blog brings back ALL Kinds of Memories Happy Tails and Soft Landings