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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mile 101: Video Update

After leaving Central, Allen and the team climbed Eagle Summit, the biggest of the climbs on the Alaska side at 3,685 feet. Mile 101 checkpoint came soon after that. They arrived at 8.10am and left just nine minutes later looking "sassy"; so much so that Meghan had to stand on the brake while Allen got himself a snack - we were excited to see that at any time, let alone after 964 miles!


Cha-Cha's Fan said...

So, Allen came into Twin Rivers 16 minutes earlier than Hugh Neff.

I wish him all the best! He and the athletes deserve it to stay #1!
excellent team!

katkreek said...

Howlllllllll! The team looks great. We are following their progress closely. Good luck SP Black Team...and safe traveling!

Tonia and Herb
(Sponsor of Olivia!!)

Linda Toth said...

Satisfying - so satisfying to see the team alert and ready to get Allen home in good order.

Lourdes, VT said...

Heartwarming, awesome performance, both the dogs and Allen's. They all are true olympians!!!

Dawn Hart said...

The dogs look so healthy and ready to run.
Let's go Allen. Bring it home.