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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Central Checkpoint

The Black Team arrived in Central at 23.24 Saturday night. They rested in straw beds and ate kibble and snacks. Allen was able to talk to the SP Kennel Handling crew and even get some shut eye before departing again at 3.40 early Sunday morning. Hugh left only a few minutes before our team.

Quito and Olivia were in lead and Puppet was actually barking to go! Allen is calm, cool and collected about the fore coming climb over Eagle Summit. He has dismantled his tail dragger portion of his sled and thus reduced weight in order to make the steep climb easier.

According to the crew in Central, there is very little wind and cool (slightly below zero) temperatures when the team departed.


Lisa B said...

Waahoo! Get after it Allen! Quito & Olivia are going pull that sled up over that hill like the superstars that they are. Go Black Team, I'm cheering for you in NC!

Heidi Phillips said...

Go Black team Go!!! Safe swift journey over Eagle Summit!!!

Lourdes, VT said...

I thought Eagle Summit was taken out of the race? Must have got it wrong!
Good luck to Allen and pups!!!

Lisa B said...

All right - he's over it (at pretty good speed too I might add) and now only Rosebud awaits. Go Black Team! So very proud to be a fan - what an excellent race and performance by Allen and the superstar SPK dogs!