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Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Home away from Home

The entire SP Kennel Crew and dogs will be in Anchorage for the Iditarod. Where do over 30 dogs and a dozen people stay? Our "home away from home" is Clarion Suites Downtown Anchorage. Not only are the pillows fluffed for the human entourage, but the biscuits are readied for the dogs. The whole crew is welcome at Clarion!

Clarion Suites is Aliy's exclusive hotel sponsor and a huge supporter of the entire SP Kennel family. As dog lovers themselves, the folks at Clarion really know what it takes to make a team of huskies comfortable! The hotel flies a huge "Aliy" banner along "L" Street downtown. If anyone is still looking for a room during the iditarod weekend, Clarion Suites is offering an "Iditarod Special Rate". Call the front desk for more information (907)222-5005.

Clarion Suites is a Chenega Native Corporation owned property and one of the finest hotels in downtown Anchorage. Another fine hotel in the area (and owned by Chenega as well) is Quality Suites Convention Center. Quality Suites is Allen's exclusive hotel sponsor. The hotel flies a huge "Allen" banner along "C" Street downtown.

"Meet and Greet" Aliy and Allen on Friday evening!

Come to the Clarion Suites on Friday evening from 6-7 pm to meet Aliy and Allen and visit with the dogs!

They will talk about the up coming Iditarod, show you their sleds and some of their equipment and tell you how they use it on the trail. They might even share some of their strategies for the race.

There will be some (limited) merchandise available and you'll get the chance to meet the whole crew!

See you there!


Anne H. said...

So Aliy and Allen stay in different hotels when they go to Anchorage... :)

SO wish that I could be there - I would love to meet you and all the SPKennel team in person. Will someone film the meet and greet this year again? I've watched the videos from 5 years ago a few times now!

I agree with you about your sponsors - I have stayed in Quality hotels (and other hotels from the Choice Hotels group) and they are terrific!

Lourdes, VT said...

I wish so very much to be able to be there! My thought are with you ALL!

Anonymous said...

I have been to the Meet and Greet and it is AWESOME! I have gotten to talk to Aliy and Allen but better than that was getting to meet the dogs!

I will see everyone Friday!

Margaret said...

We'll be out and about for a few days prior to the Ceremonial Start, and might be distracted by personal family matters, but we'll never be too far away from a computer so we can keep track of the Red and the Black Teams on Iditarod!

Thanks so much for going the extra mile, as it were, to keep all of us arm-chair mushers up your exploits (2 legged and 4 legged SP Kennelites)

Barbara Lake said...

We can't be there this year but we'll be following you on your blog and watching those GPSs! Good luck to both of you and thanks for all you do to let us be there in person with all the videos. We appreciate the hard work. Be safe and have fun and come in first and second! Or make it a tie!!!