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Sunday, January 13, 2013

CB300 Analysis #3

Allen Moore's SP Kennel Black Team has turned in a third straight fastest run time for the leg from Paxson to Sourdough!

Despite arriving at Sourdough in fourth position due to longer accumulated rests, the Black Team is showing very consistent and very strong performance throughout the race so far. Overall, the Team is 50 minutes faster than the next fastest team.

The top contenders have all completed their mandatory 6 hour rests plus their starting differentials. The only differences now are in their accumulated rests and run times.

This is a very exciting race, and the SPK Black Team is doing very well. We wish all competitors -- human and canine -- a healthy, happy run to the finish!


Lisa B said...

Very exciting - I'm glued to the computer! Thanks for the updates, I know you are relying on remote info and the race officials and SPK support crew are doing the best they can to pass on news. Go Black Team!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update...this has been a very exciting race. Wishing all a safe and fun run.

Deb said...

Thanks for the update, Mac. Hugs to Happy!
Deb in Ketchikan

Linda Toth said...

Weird thing happened when I landed in Seattle today. I immediately turned on my iPhone and looked at stats for the run between Chistochina and Paxson. I kept finding 7h5m for Allen's run time.

I fretted mightily about that, 'specially since Mac reported 6h44m. But, when I got to my destination and opened the laptop, 6h44m stood. Ahhhhhh

That team, human and canine is absolutely smokin'.

Anonymous said...

Can it not be inferred that the Black Team is actually in the lead at this time due to the fact that Allen rested the Team 1.5 hours extra early in the race, as all Teams must spend the Mandatory 6 hours plus an accumulated 12 hours in checkpoints, assuming the Team doesn't need more than the 18 hours of total rest?


Anonymous said...

This is really exciting. My guess is that Allen will stay 4hrs at Sourdough but I have been wrong with every prediction so far.

I wonder if running smaller dogs in these weather conditions is an advantage. Some of the big dogs on other teams may be struggling with the heat.


Macgellan said...

Steve -- Yes, it's fair to say that the Black Team is in the lead due to having taken more rest so far... The team needs to take 6.5 more hours of rest before the finish...

Wes -- I think it'll be longer than 4 at Sourdough... ;-)

Anonymous said...

It the first time watching the CB300, met Allan last year on the Quest so cheering him on. Go Allan and the Black team.