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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Few Get Left Behind

With three teams heading over to Whitehorse and all the excitement of the Quest we thought we would pay tribute to those that get left back at the kennel. They are just as important to the kennel for their own different reasons...

Puppies are the future, retirees pass on the knowledge and the unlucky few who don't make the teams this time are still in the frame for the rest of the season. They will stay home and enjoy some quiet time and get special attention from Wendy.

Here's a video we took last Friday of two of the "secrets" Lydia and Dutch enjoying some quality time inside with Grandma ChaCha.

Take a look back at the start of winter and see how tiny Lydia was back then... what a difference a few months make! Winter In Here!


Anonymous said...

What a marvelous video - give my love to all those left at home and especially to Grandma ChaCha!!!

Thank you so much for this perfect clip on a winter's day - warms me up!

Lisa B said...

Bless ChaCha, she was pretty patient with the puppy exuberance but then just had to go to Meghan and say "make them stop". Cute video, thanks for sharing it during this super busy time. All the best to the entire kennel and its support crew, whether at home in Two Rivers or along side you in the Yukon.

Dawn E said...

I remember the video from October but watched it again and WOW puppies get big fast!
Well, have a most wonderful rest of the week gang!

Lourdes, VT said...

Cha Cha is so patient and wise!!! And Lydia know her name quite well!

Lourdes, VT said...

Hi guys, again, best of luck on the Quest to Allen, Aliy and Meghan!
Who are the pups staying at home?

Anonymous said...

Very pretty dogs! What kind of dog kennel do you use for them??