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Friday, December 7, 2012

Top Of The World

Back in late November, before the "deep freeze", Aliy, Allen and Meghan took teams for a run to the top of the world! Aliy has captured the magnificent scenery of the Alaska Range and Denali along with some great footage of her team.

Lead: IV and Olivia; Swing: Chica and Rambler; Team: Beemer and Sissy; Wheel: Waylon and Ranger.


Macgellan said...

Really nice video!... Great to have Aliy back on the narration... Just one question: Who's the loudmouth dog?

Anonymous said...

Fun days are here again! At first I thought this Top of the World run was between Chicken and Eagle on the Top of the World Highway.

Pretty sure that is Waylon singing with Ranger providing some back up vocals.


jimsinn said...

I was wondering the same thing.

Jim from Michigan said...


Aliy Zirkle said...

Of course, it always takes me a while to try anything "new and different" and that includes my new video camera I bought over a month ago. But, I have to admit .... I am pretty excited about it! This video is crystal clear and there's NO SCRATCH on the lens! There will be some delay in getting used to the new buttons while I am mushing down the trail, but I think I can do it!
Waylon is the cheerleader from the moment we stopped. His brother, Ranger, "moans" periodically while we are standing still, but does't usually chime in until we are actually motoring down the trail (which is when Waylon hushes up.)

Mom in PA said...

Love Aliy's "snuffles" in the background... Goes to show how cold it is at the top of the world! Love these videos... Thanks for putting I all the work it takes to give them to us.

Linda Toth said...

These are the gorgeous days aren't they? Snow predicted from Glennallen through South Central starting tonight and then through the week. Hoping, hoping it is enough for the Sheep Mountain to be a go.

Anonymous said...

Way Cool, Aliy!
Love seeing Denali.
Where were you that you could mush there from the kennel?
You weren't in the White Mountains were you?
I didn't know you could get to the top of the world from home!
Love the Beemer,Ranger,& Waylon litters:)

MBB said...

That was me, Marla BB asking where you were at "top of the world"?

julie said...

Love the scenery. Why is it warmer "on the top of the world"? I would think that it would be warmer down in the valley. Curious minds want to know;)