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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Catching up with: Biscuit

"Have I ever mentioned Biscuit has a lot of energy?"

Biscuit is definitely one of the kennel mainstays and now that he is seven years old he’s become the heart of the kennel. He is confident and reliable and the whole teams knows it.

He is also the proud poppa of a new generation of SP Kennel pups - have you seen how much they look like him? Watch out world!

We're pretty excited to have Biscuit on the team - he's an “All Star”.


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful "portraits" of the Team - Biscuit and Poquita have two sets of kids and you are right - many of them are copies of him!

Thanks for the cheery video - thinking warm thoughts, sincerely,


Anonymous said...

He has a very happy, michievous face :):)