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Friday, November 23, 2012

SP Kennel Invitational Race - Junior Division

SATURDAY, November 25th - 1 PM

In addition to the 10-mile division, the SP Kennel Invitational Race will include a Junior Division. Each musher will have to navigate their team of two dogs around a pre-made race track. In the event of a crash, mushers are encouraged to hop back on the sled as quickly as possible with outside assistance if needed. Age limit - 7 years

Junior Mushers: 

1. Sammy 
2. Noah Jane 
3. Merica Gale 
4. Jacob 
(entries are still being accepted)

Each musher will have the opportunity to select their team from a group of experienced dogs including: 

Chacha, Tony, Teddy, Stormy, Bullet, Malibu, Rose, Beemer, Ranger and Honda. 
Dogs may run in multiple teams. Rosters will be posted after teams are picked. 
May the fastest team win (although everyone is a winner with prizes for all). 


Anonymous said...

What a great idea....I see a new holiday tradition being born. Can't wait for the video I am sure will follow.

Macgellan said...

Me!... Me!... Me!!!!... I wanna do this race!

Note to Junior Mushers: If the course has ONLY right turns, pick Stormy!!!!

Linda Toth said...

Okay - now we are talking about My kind of race. Whoopee!

Lisa B said...

Any chance that Bridgett is bringing Girlfriend along for SP Kennel Invitational Day? Maybe one of the juniors would like to bring her out of couch retirement status.

It all sounds like great fun and I hope everyone has a blast - a great family and friends weekend - enjoy!

Macgellan said...

Looks like Tig is ready to join a team, too!

Anonymous said...

My money is on ChaCha and Beemer!

Lourdes, VT said...

What a great idea! How did Tig end up in SP Kennel? He is so cute, all ready to go! What a lucky Lab :)