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Saturday, October 20, 2012

What To Look For When Running Sled Dogs

I had the opportunity to ride along with Allen on a 4-wheeler training ride and I asked him a few questions along the way. In this video I asked him what he looks for when he's running sled dogs. I'll post more videos from my ride in the coming days.


Margaret said...

3000 miles training before the two big 1000-mile races...woof, woof!

Now that's what I call getting in shape!!!

Lisa B said...

Great to see Allen in a video. I know he likes to let Aliy be the "star" but it's always fun to hear from him too. Snow on the ground up there and it was a balmy 83 here in North Carolina today. Glad the temps are falling and dog training can begin in earnest. Here's to a great race season. Go dogs!

ann said...

Great video, always great to hear about poo! Thanks Allen! Who was the videographer? Cannot get enough of the dogs thanks for all the effort you put forth to keep us entertained.
Ann in Ohio