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Friday, September 21, 2012

The Secrets

There is a little secret lurking in the puppy pen at SP Kennel. Four new canine athletes joined the kennel just 6 weeks ago. Their parents Olivia, SP rockstar, and Nacho, SP jester, have some pretty nifty genes to pass on. The two boys and two girls from this litter are healthy, spunky and already sporting very unique personalities.

In the photos below Aliy introduces Junior, the spitting image of her mom, Lydia, named after a friend, Kodiak and Dutch, named for Horizon Lines' ports of call in Alaska.

I guess Kennel Mom has just named them the Secret Litter.

Junior is Olivia's little clone

Lydia is a little girl with a big attitude

Kodiak is talkative and friendly

Dutch is a mellow version of daddy, Nacho


Unknown said...

Wow, yeah! they sure have grown in just a weeks time! golly even cutesier too!!!Thanks for posting these Aliy.
Your friend Padee in Santa Rosa

Cindy Eckhoff said...

Surprises are wonderful and beautiful!! Congrats!

Margaret said...

Wow!!! Best wishes to the new family!

This makes me so happy (not a reference to "Happy")!!!

Is this Olivia's first litter?

Nacho is a big boy (for SP dogs) and Olivia is diminutive - and they both have oodles of personality, IIRC.

Thanks so much for the news!

Melissa K. said...

With parents like Nacho and the big O, they will be awesome stars and awesomely good looking too! How exciting!

Kennel Mom said...

Yes, this is Olivia's first litter. She has been an awesome mom. Editorial: Olivia should wait a few more weeks post partum before she begins training, but she sure screams to 'go' when the teams are hooking up for a run. A rockstar, indeed!
Kennel Mom

Lourdes, Vermont said...

They are adorable, and a lot 'furrier' than the rest of the canine athletes at SP Kennel, especially Kodiak!
Another group of Iditarod champions :)