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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Golf Litter Pups

The weather in Interior Alaska has been spectacular lately. Aliy took a break from writing her Trail Notes to come outdoors and introduce Quito's and Biscuit's new pups, who are now two and a half weeks old. Hope you enjoy the video.


Linda Toth said...

Is it just me, or have they grown a huge amount since I was out a little over a week ago?


Anonymous said...

Great job on your first video Mickey! I'm so proud!
- Wendy

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and yes they look to have grown!.
Good momma Quito!
Thanks Aliy and family. we love the video.
Happy Summer from Santa Rosa CA

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this video. My Quito and her puppies look great. Thank you very much.