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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Iditarod 2012: "Aliy Cam" Iditarod Enthusiasm

This video is the first of the 2012 "Aliy Cam" series. She was able to record several sections of the Iditarod that she hadn't recorded before. This first video is just the start (so to speak).

If anyone can tell what the sign says "Aliy Zirkle ???????????" in the video, we would love to know. These folks were nearly 50 miles from the start, so they probably set up this "Aliy Fan Bonfire" pretty early in the day.


Baking Bytes said...

Enjoyed your video!! :)

Sharon Lupton said...

Aliy, a great video and a great race. Iditarod is one of the highlights of my year here in Kansas. BTW, do you know Mariska Wright? She is an artist in Two Rivers. I bought a lovely native doll from her which is a prize possession. I don't know how big Two Rivers is, but it seems I often hear of someone who lives there. Keep up the great racing!! Your fan, Sharon Lupton, Wichita

Aliy Zirkle said...

Yes.... we know Mariska
Glad you enjoy!

Barbara d. said...

thanks for letting us drive a bit with you on the sled... for me it was the first time in Alaska. and beeing at the finish line in Nome was very special.... like you are Aliye...think SP Kennel has a new fan...thanks.

Barb said...

I'm in northern California and have been watching the iditarod since the beginning! Man, I'm old, (59)! LOL! I just want to tell you how it was a true pleasure to watch you and cheer you on from the get go, I really wanted you to win!! One hour ........ damn!!

It will be very exciting to watch you again next year! I'm so into this sport and would love to see it live, some day I will. Take care!

From a real fan, Barb

Judy Carr said...

Aliy, thank you so much for the video - I have been waiting patiently for them and appreciate that you do this for the fans in the lower 48. You have a great team and a wonderful respect for your dogs. What a great finish to a wonderful race - I will eagerly be awaiting your run next year!

Take care,


Cheryl said...

Loved your video! Looking forward to following episodes! :)

June said...

Aliy,Greetings from Northern MN, I am a sled dog racing fan from my computer followed Allen through out the Quest and you through the Iditarod.You have beautiful teams that always look so happy. Good Luck to you both next season.