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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ryne heads for Nome! Hunts down Kelly Maxiner

Ryne spent 2 minutes at the Safety checkpoint and took off in pursuit of Kelly Maxiner who is 8 minutes ahead of her and she has nearly caught.

It's a beautiful day here in Nome with sunshine and minimal wind. Dog food is soaking and Ryne's family is really getting excited to see her. This is a huge event for the Olson family and rightly so. Crossing the burled arch of Nome symbolizes a huge achievement and reward for Ryne for so much hard work and applied learning.

From a personal view, I could not be more proud of her achievement. Most of my training runs this season have been with Ryne and although she is 10 years my junior she has taught me so much.

Go Ryne!



babs said...

Go Ryne! Bring it on home!!

I hope there's something heating... or cooling... for Ryne as well as the dogs! ;)

Diane Cassidy said...

Way to go Ryne!!!! Durango has some mighty tough women!

tmcaleer said...

Go Ryne Go!! You have done something very remarkable!! Go pups Go! Wooooo Wooooo Wooooo
SP Kennel!! So proud of the job you have done this year.

Best, Trish

Starla said...

I'm bummed that I have an appointment and won't get to see her come in. Congratulations Ryne! This was a race well done.

Diane Cassidy said...

Saw you on webcam, so cool. Congrats again! FYI about 70 degrees in Dgo today!

Anonymous said...

Did not see Ryne come into Nome, came home from work too late.
Congratulation Ryne on a fantastic race. Armchairmusher Sab , has posted some great pictures of Ryne coming into Nome. They are fantastic.
Woooo Woooo You did it, Wow!!!!!
now to celebrate.
Maureen W

Hoss (ret.), Cindy and Tom said...

Way to go Ryne and SPKennel dogs! Another testament to all the love and care you put into the team at SPKennel.

Lisa B said...

Coming late to this posting. I see on the standings that she's in - awesome! Good job Ryne. I also see that she currently has the 2nd fastest time from Safety to Nome! Speedier than both Smyth brothers - fantastic. Proud to be a SP Kennel fan. What an exciting racing season it has been.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. Just managed to see Ryne come in with the dogs. Congratulations to all!