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Monday, March 12, 2012

KNOM Interview With Allen In Unalakleet

Here's a KNOM interview with Allen in Unalakleet, talking about how Aliy and the dogs look on their way up the coast.



Anonymous said...

SPK Red Team,

I can't stay up much longer so here is what I have to say.

You have done a spectacular job so far. It is time to keep the positive and ditch any negative. You have it within your power to succeed! 8 hours rest in WM will revive you and provide you the inspiration to finish the job at hand.

The Red Team can do this!! I know you can!! Positive thoughts to you for the rest of the race to Nome.

Happy Feet all the way to Nome!

Poleing, poleing, poleing,
From White Mountain to Nome - Poleing!
Peddaling and poleing to Nome!

Ya got to love the SPK spirit!

Anonymous said...

I know Aliy can't read this, but this is for her as she's out there chasing Dallas down to White Mountain:

Dear Aliy,

We believe in you. The dogs believe in you. You are doing your best and giving it your all. No one can ask for more.
You have made a lot of new fans this year. We are out here urging your #14 on down the trail.

What you and Allen have accomplished this year is nothing short of amazing.

Praying for you,