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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Iditarod 2012 - Day 3 - Spirit Award

March 6, 2012 9:30 pm AST

What a day on the Iditarod trail!

Aliy is still leading the front pack. She just past through McGrath on her way to Takotna. She won the Spirit of Alaska Award presented by PenAir for the first musher to McGrath. It is a Spirit Mask depicting the joining of the dog team and the musher into one on the trail. Incredibly beautiful! PenAir will bring the mask to Nome for her and re-present it to Aliy at the banquet. There is a wonderful video of Aliy coming into McGrath on the Iditarod Insider.

Not only did Aliy win the Spirit Award, she was checked in to McGrath by her long time friend Mark Cox and his daughter Cameron. Cameron helped Aliy through her first Iditarod when her entire dog team was SO sick and has been away at school for the last several Iditarods. Aliy was looking forward to seeing her.

After the being presented with the award, Aliy quickly got back on the trail with all 16 dogs. It is less than 20 miles to Takotna.

Back in Nikolai, Ryne and her dog team have arrived at the checkpoint at 8:29. No information about them at this point, but she is running EXACTLY what she wanted to do. She camped for a good 5 to 6 hours on the trail, so she and the dogs should be strong.

Both the dogs that Ryne had to drop are back in Anchorage with Doug and eating well. Tony was the first dog dropped in Finger Lake for a sore shoulder and Puppet was the second dropped at Rainy Pass. Many thanks to the wonderful pilots, vets and volunteers for taking such good care of them and getting them back to us so quickly and safely!

What will tomorrow bring? We'll have to see. Here are some links to look at:



Linda Toth said...

The video is wonderful and she is so special to visit with everyone the way she did. Thanks for the update on Ryne.

Linda F said...

What a great video (on the Iditarod website) of Aliy coming into McGrath FIRST!!! Aliy was so gracious to visit with everyone, sign autographs, pose for pictures, etc. when you could tell she wanted to get out of there because of the other teams nipping at her heels!!

Thanks for the great posts and for the updates on Ryne! Hope Ranger hangs in there!

Good luck Aliy and Ryne!

cha-cha's fan said...

very good, aliy. cross my fingers!

snugglbr said...

Hey Kaz, Donna said there was a slick wet, icy patch right at the start in Willow from overflow. Are you hearing anything about how your teams or other teams are faring because of it? Seems like some dogs could have pulled muscles right off the bat. Also, when it's all said and done, let Aliy know the spirit mask was done by Orville Lind, a wonderful artist and a fellow FWS employee (from King Salmon). Go Aliy!
Cathy Pearson

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info.
All the best to Aliy and Ryne and teams.
loved the video of her at McGrath and Takotna.
Go Girls Go.
Maureen W

Anonymous said...

We are so proud for Aliy and her dogs ... she's running a great race with the hounds at her heels... the bibs will be adjusted soon and maybe she'll 24 in Takotna? they'll get a nice rest in a nice checkpoint.... we're watching all the way... thank YOU for keeping us updated! Julie and Frita

Sara Carlson said...

Good luck and do well Aliy & Ryne! Virginia Beach is cheering for you :-)

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Go SP Kennels! We are all so proud of Aliy and Ryne. Thank you for your great updates and for the links as well.


Lynn said...

Outstanding!!! Can you hear us cheering from the Catskills? I'm wearing my red SPK hat for good luck!!

SP Kennel - KAZ said...

Will let you know all about the mask. Probably not until Nome though. Haven't found any more info on this specific one yet. It's incredible though.

Did not hear about Icy trails out of Willow. There was a bit of overflow. Right now they are dealing with snow and snow forecast, not ice.

Anonymous said...

How fitting for Aliy to win the Spirit Award. The musher and dogs becoming one. Pretty much describes Aliy and her pups. Congrats and Good Luck. Cheering for the SP Girls!

babs said...

I agree that the Spirit is absolutely appropriate for Aliy & all her dogs. Mushers talk about running "their" race & not anyone else's, but I sometimes wonder. I have no doubt that Aliy talks the talk & walks the walk. I'm really enjoying following Aliy's & Ryne's races & appreciate all your updates & comments.

Libby the Lab said...

Awesome award for Aliy- hope Ranger will back to himself after a 24:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Ally on her Spirit of Alaska Award
I saw her name in our local paper here in St Petersburg, Florida
Good Luck on the rest of the race

Merlin Zirkle

Anonymous said...

We saw your name in our local newspaper in St Petersburg, Florida
Congratulations on receiving the Spirit of Alaska Award.
Good luck on the rest of the race

Merlin Zirkle