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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Waiting in Pelly Crossing

The SP Kennel crew left Dawson City this afternoon after cleaning up the dog area and checking out of the hotel. We are now in Pelly Crossing at the checkpoint waiting. The dropped dog-we still don't know who it is--will be flown to Dawson City and brought to Pelly Crossing Checkpoint in another dog truck. Currently, there is no communication from Scroggie Creek, however the plane is supposed to arrive in Dawson at 4:00 pm Yukon time.

We have some incredible pictures from Dawson City to share with you. These particular photos are taken by Jeanne Schnackenberg who sponsors Scooter. She and Yo-lynn Owsley, Boondocks' sponsor, are following the Yukon Quest race from Dawson to Whitehorse. Also following the Yukon Quest, checkpoint to checkpoint, from Start to the Finish, are Dingle's sponsors Art and Alice Van Dorn. Each of them have given us some great photos and video that document Allen's race this year. A big Thank You to our SP Kennel friends for sharing your talent with us. Hopefully we'll be able to continue putting these up from various checkpoints along the way.


Lisa B said...

SPK fans rock! How exciting for them to be following along in person. Thanks to all of them for the photos and videos - and thanks to the Dog Log updaters for posting them on the site so quickly. This distant fan appreciates all the effort and work, especially taking into account that you must be pretty tired and probably have trouble finding reliable internet connections.

Now I'll go back to obsessively refreshing the live tracker page. Safe driving to you on the road to Whitehorse.

Go Black Team!

SP Kennel - KAZ said...

Jeanne, you are awesome. Great photos as usual!

katkreek said...

you have such beautiful blue eyes! Your sponsor family in California is very grateful to see you looking well and happy ... Happy trails!

Tonia and Herb, Sascha and Mia

Joy Rothke said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics.