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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A little down time....

The Yukon Quest is over and the Iditarod is 10 days away. That leaves the mushers and dogs at SP Kennel with a little "time off".

We hope you appreciate The SP Kennel dogs doing what dogs do best:


Linda Toth said...

Just a little too close there, Ma.

Anne said...

Quito thinks, "If you won't remove that camera from my face, I'll remove my face from your camera!"

What is a "knucklebone"? Obviously a special treat, whatever it is. What great sponsors you have!

Macgellan said...

Quito: "Hey Boss! Go get your own bone!"

Thank you Clarion Sweets!!!

Susan said...

Now that ending was just too funny. How nice of clarion also. Did Allen get a treat as well?

Anonymous said...

What a great reward! Thanks to Clarion Suites. They know what dogs like! And humans too. Stayed there myself during the last Iditarod and had a wonderful time. Great staff!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for showing Quito. I really appreciate it.It was quite funny when she refused to look at you and took her bone into her kennel. I felt thrilled to see her. I kept saying, "That is my dog!" I am feeling proud that she's turned into such an excellent lead dog. Well done to everyone at SP Kennel for achieving that!
There is one week until the Iditarod and I will be doing my Triathlon on the same day again this year. I hope your training is going as well as mine is!
If there is time, please could you give Quito a special tummy rub from me?
Thank you.
From Indigo

NCL said...

I knew Clarion Suites did well by their human patrons from our stay there last year. Now it's obvious they know how to treat their dog patrons just as well. Great folks!