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Monday, February 13, 2012

Allen first into Braeburn

Allen crested a hill overlooking the small community of Braeburn just as people were turning their headlamps off. Hint of some sun coming up now. His arrival time is 8:23 which gives him a departure time of 4:23pm. Hugh Neff arrived 13 minutes behind Allen according to my stopwatch. Due to the rounding of minutes, the official time might be a bit different. Allen is feeding and doing doggy care and will come inside for breakfast soon. He indicated that there was some tough overflow which he believed Hugh spent more time dealing with.

More soon.



Anonymous said...

Go Allen and SP Kennel dogs!! I know they are all ready for the eight hour rest. Thanks, as always, for the great updates.

Linda Toth said...

My My. Words escape me. I could not be happier nor less hopeful.

Anonymous said...

Poleing, poleing, poleing
though the frozen rivers are overflow’n,

keep on paddleing and poleing - Whitehorse

LOL - song worm is really getting into my head.

Happy Feet for the last 100 miles into Whitehorse.
SPK Black Team - You can do it!

Libby the Lab said...

So excited for SP! GO BLACK TEAM!!!!

Deb said...

Thanks Wes. So, 12 min plus Hugh's 30 min penalty gives Allen a 42 min lead when he heads out later today. Guess we will be glued to the trackers again tonight. Exciting and amazing. Rest well then go like the wind! Go dogs!

Lynn said...

One thing's for sure...Allen's going to be "hauling ax" to Whitehorse! This is so exciting!!!Sending good vibes your way from the Catskills!!

Anonymous said...

YES!!!!!! WAY TO GO BLACK TEAM. Busy travelling, so just checked status. So FANTASTIC!!!!!! GO ALLEN GO , GO ALLEN GO.
MAUREEN W. Vancouver Island, Comox

cha-cha's fan said...

just awesome! that's so great for you!