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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Don Bowers Memorial Sled Dog Race

The Don Bowers 200/300 Sled Dog Race is new to the SP Kennel racing schedule. We are excited to race on some different trails and meet some new sled dog enthusiasts.

The race has a well thought out, simple format:
  • It starts noon on Friday, January 27 th at the Willow Community Center
  • There is a 102 mile leg to a private cabin (the Kershner's cabin) where there is 6 hour layover
  • Then the same reverse 102 mile leg brings the route back into Willow and another 6 hour layover at Eagle Quest Lodge
  • The final 100 mile leg travel along the old Iditarod Trail, along several local rivers and back to the finish at Eagle Quest Lodge
There are currently 11 mushers signed up for the event - two of which are Aliy and Ryne. It might not be the most popular race in Alaska, but it's going to be FUN!

Allen, Wendy and the 14 Yukon Quest Dogs will stay in Two Rivers to train and keep the kennel operation running. Aliy, Ryne, Wes and the rest of the SP Kennel racing dogs will head to Willow on Thursday.

Wes has an important handler role during the race. He will be able to meet the teams at the 100 and 200 mile mark. At these layovers, we will be dropping dogs from each team. We have several dogs who, due to previous injuries, are behind in training miles. But, this is a perfect method to add them back into the "racing pool" for Iditarod. These dogs are Rose (sore foot from toenail), Rambler (frost nip), Roy (illness), Moonpie (sore bicep) and JJ (sore tricep). The plan is to certainly race this event, but bring all dogs along while doing it. The fact that there is a maximum dog limit of 16 per team will enable us to race almost the entire kennel in either the Don Bowers or the Yukon Quest.

Information about the Don Bowers Race can be found on:


We will post the Don Bowers 300 dog team rosters on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Is Happy going to race at all this year? I know she is not your best dog and she can be a bit of a dunce at times, but I miss all of the great Happy stories.
Sophies Dad

Jim S. said...

Is the Don Bowers an Iditarod qualifier race? Did Ryne get credit for Copper Basin even though it was canceled? Good luck to all! May you have fair skies and fast trails.

Anonymous said...

Let the fun begin! Hope the trails are swift and everyone comes home healthy. Stella sends a good luck "hoowwwlll".