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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And Mystery Dog Number 6?

Li'l Debbie!
Sponsored by Deb and Hunter Davis

Congratulations to Anne for being the first correct guess! Send us an email at SPKDogLog@gmail.com with your t-shirt size, color preference (Red or Black), and address, and you'll be sporting SPK gear in no time!

Great guesses! However, only Li'l Debbie fits all three clues. She eats everything in sight, as do all Pepper pups, which makes her name appropriate. With her tail high in the air, she trots a bit like a priss but has the athleticism to back it up. Li'l Debbie's drive and focus makes her an all-star on the treadmill!

Check back in on Monday, January 23th for the next Mystery Dog!


Linda Toth said...

Ah, you favor the sweet snack litter! All those hours on the trail are keeping your caloric needs high?

Macgellan said...

I was wrong!...
I thought for sure it was leggy Bonita!...
I guess thinking of "Bonita" (the fish) for the eating clue was too much of a stretch!
Shame on me!

Anne said...

Woo-hoo! I shall wear my T-shirt with pride! Macgellan, you had me worried there for a while - I was sure it was Li'l Debbie, and then not so sure after I read your post.

Aliy Zirkle said...

Macgellan ... Ryne never trained Bonita when she was a two year old "Barbie Doll", like you did! I know you remember the days of her high stepping and gazing at the boys. Priss would almost be an understatement!