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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Arctic Moments

The end of November finds SP Kennel dogs and mushers busy indoors and out.
This time of year the daylight (or lack there of) is a huge factor in Two Rivers. The sun rises today at 10:03 AM and sets at 3:13 PM. Therefore, we will have total possible daylight of 5 hours and 36 minutes. I can promise you .... we will use every minute of it!

Running a Dog Team at Sunrise

The beauty of the arctic is no way minimized by this lack of daylight. The early morning glow lights up the entire southern horizon. At sunrise, the horizon burns with the waking of the sun. The afternoon has a constant glow. Then after several hours, the sun dips down below that same horizon from where it came.

The main kennel house/office/coffee drinking spot sits on a small hill overlooking the dog yard. The huge five foot windows face due south and offer an entire view of the dog yard. So, every morning after the dogs are fed we sit up there drinking coffee overlooking the SP Kennel crew.

Stormy, Aliy and Tig drink coffee and look at the dog yard

Who is snuggled back into their straw? Skittles!
Who is chasing a raven? Tony!
Who is chewing on Scout's tail? Boondocks!
Who is running around at 30 below ready to run? Tatfish!

Mornings at SP Kennel are delightful.


Susan said...

Is Happy hanging out in her house and just being the dog yard dog?

NCL said...

Nice info - thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

That's such a great view from your perch on the hill! You planned it well.
Aliy, could you speak a bit to how and when you start training for running the team at odd hours of the night. Do you practice being sleep deprived?

Jeff Buddington said...

Susan take a look at Ryne's training video to see Happy! We need to play matchmaker and find a girlfriend for Tatfish...Tatfish and his energy with a female partner with high doggy SAT scores!