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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Report from the Trail - McGrath

This is Mickey, Aliy's Mom, reporting from McGrath Alaska. I had the opportunity to see Aliy come through this checkpoint at 10:48 pm last night. I walked to the checkpoint from the apartment where I am staying with Mike Litzen ( our friend and bush pilot) and his family. The air was cold and clear....stars and moon almost touchable.

Aliy appeared off the river first as a bobbing headlamp. The light slowly turned into a peppy dog team pulling a sled. The dogs obviously loved the colder temps.

Aliy simply stopped to check in, say hello to the Cox men who run the checkpoint, give me a kiss and hug, and head back onto the trail. She sported a big smile and was focused on getting to Takotna, about 20 miles down the trail.

I didn't see Allen come through McGrath but I am on my way to Takotna now. There I plan to catch up with both our mushers, doing their 24s.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your posts--they give sustenance to our love of the wild and of SP Kennel and all the fine folks associated with it. Your description of your flight over the Alaskan range was poetic and now we see where Aliy gets her voice. Best wishes and good luck. Tonia and Herb

Linda T said...

My daughter, Teresa, collected data on where winners took their 24 hours. Bruce Lee mentioned that many liked to do their 24 in Ophir or even Iditarod. But the analysis shows that has never been Mackey's strategy. But, it's still very interesting to see who won based on where they stayed:

2001: Doug Swingley Ophir
2002: Buser Cripple
2003: Sorlie (start in Fbks)
2004: M Seavey Cripple
2005: Sorlie Iditarod
2006: Jeff King Takotna
2007: Mackey Iditarod
2008-2010: Mackey Takotna

Teresa noted, "So, really Only King and Mackey have won by 24ing in Takotna in the last 10 years."

Carole and Bob said...

Thanks Mickey! Great to hear what you are doing, too!
We're back in NH doing our rocking/chair rooting for the teams.. Wow, two teams this year! As always.. Your family are go getters.. And we wish them the BEST!
All our best... Carole and Bob and our little pooch too!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Aliy and her dogs!! :)

Kaitlyn said...

Great Reports!! Thanks!! Go Aliy and Allen~ Kaitlyn