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Monday, February 14, 2011

Allen on Trail to Central / Videos from Circle

We are waiting for Allen's arrival at Central. Reports on the trail have it VERY rough. Overflow and bitterly cold temperatures are the biggest obstacles during this section of the trail. Hans Gatt had another very hard run into Central, but he seems to be alright. The trail is slow, but now it is daylight. Allen will be able to see. A huge advantage!

Here are two videos of Allen from Circle. The 1st is him coming in and the second is an interview. It is difficult to hear Allen's voice.

By the Yukon Quest
From Official Yukon Quest YouTube Page

By the Yukon Quest
From Official Yukon Quest YouTube Page


Lynne D said...

Way to go Allen - slow and steady finishes the race. Sounds like this portion of the race will be a trial to all. Stay safe.

Linda T said...

Well, dang.

It looks like Allen was not able to avoid getting his spot frozen in the overflow. Kelly is till back at 822.6. Now we have to wait to see what happens.

Linda T said...

Whoot! Whoot! Allen is moving 0.2 at 823.1.


Fingers crossed.

Teresa said...

Totally a nail-biter watching Allen negotiate the overflow section of trail where both Hans and Dallas "lost a connection" due to overflow dunking the tracker. Nice to see Allen off Birch Creek. Here's to a strong team over Eagle and Rosebud, a fast team down the Chena, and a healthy and happy team at the finish line in Fairbanks!

CupcakeNinja said...

Bridgett giggling when Allen was asked about Boondocks cracked me up!

WTG, Allen & team! Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the updates, photos & vids!