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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A closer look at the Dawson Layover

I just found this and thought you would enjoy a look at life during the 36 hour layover in

A view of life during the 36 hour layover in Dawson

By The Yukon Quest
From Official Yukon Quest YouTube Channel


Linda T said...

Nice Video, but what a time for 3 spots to go on the blink and with little updates to the status page from Eagle.

Got to commit to FB in order to know what is really happening .. but I can't bring myself to do it.

Linda T said...

Finally - in Eagle with a working SPOT.

I have to say, the whole FB thing drives me crazy. I do follow it when I want information as immediate as possible, but thank you again for posting details here.

Did he stop to snack the dogs after the summit. He was within a mile or so of Seb right before the summit, but came in nearly an hour and a half behind.

The race has lost some excitement due to Hugh being so far in front right now, but none of the drama!

Anonymous said...

There are few more pictures posted on the Yukon Quest website of Allen taken on February 10th.

Anonymous said...

Great to see this!