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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Braeburn Lodge, Yukon Territory, Canada

The Quest musher's are fast approaching the first checkpoint at the Braeburn Lodge. I am still getting used to reading the Live Update, but it is clear that the first mushers should be there very soon. Allen has moved up quickly, passing many of the slower teams already. There is a 4 hour mandatory stop at Braeburn for the Yukon Quest and a 2 hour mandatory rest there for the Quest 300.

Braeburn Lodge is a piece of history! The Lodge is a former roadhouse on the Whitehorse - Dawson Overland Trail. Between 1902 and 1914, the White Pass Stage Line ran sleighs and stage coaches between Whitehorse and Dawson. The Braeburn Roadhouse, located near Braeburn Lake and Braeburn Mountain, served travelers on the first section of the trail.

Today, Braeburn Lodge and their EXCELLENT cinnamon rolls serve travelers on the North Klondike Highway driving between Whitehorse and Dawson. If you listened to any of the Radio Coverage of the Yukon Quest start, you heard musher after musher rave about the hamburgers and cinnamon rolls.

I had hoped to have pictures and video of the Quest 300 start to put up before going to bed tonight, but I have not gotten any from the trail yet. Hopefully I will have some for you in the morning. I accidentally signed on earlier today as Aliy. Sorry for any confusion. As talented as she is, I don't think even she can pull off running the 300 and keeping the Dog Log updated. This is Kaz Zirkle and I will be doing my best to keep you informed and entertained for the duration of the two races.


Lisa said...

You rock SO HARD for all the coverage already. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

babs said...

Thanks for the updates. The pictures & video are great!

weedabble said...

Your are right...I wondered how Aliy did it...I mean I know she is a superwoman..but I just couldn't figure out how she could get ready for the race, keep her head in the game and put up such great posts!
You do a great job Kaz, and we are so glad that you are keeping all of us fans in the loop!

Anonymous said...

Yea, Kaz! :)and all of your family, major to get 3 teams out there and keep us updated! Thank you! Julie