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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Allen at Slavens

Allen has been resting at Slavens Cabin and Dog Drop since 7 pm. It took him 10 hour to reach there, a testament to the trail conditions. It must have been a slog!! Dallas Seavey has made a move, camping before Slavens and going through. He is now in the 2nd position. Hans Gatt and Sebastian Schnuelle left Slavens around 11pm. Ken Anderson, Allen, Brent Sass and Dan Kaduce are all resting there now. I expect Allen will leave around 1 am.

It took Hugh Neff 10 hours to run from Slavens to Circle, a 60 mile run. That is a long time. He must have been breaking trail most of the way.

Allen has moved ahead of Brent Sass and has closed in on Ken Anderson. It will be wonderful to hear what's going on when Bridgett and Bob meet him in Circle.

The SP Kennel crew spent the day, and the night, working on Iditarod food drops. Aliy and Ryne are still cutting fish snacks as we speak. We spent the day packing food for the dogs and mushers, equipment, clothes and vet supplies. It's been a long day. I had a picture of the drops, but I'm a bit too tired and can't figure out how to get it off my phone. Sorry. Tomorrow we will pack everything into the check point bags. They are due Monday.


NCL said...

Wow! So much to do - in so many directions. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Charlotte Frick said...

What a busy time this is for SP Kennel! We readers really appreciate your taking the time to keep us all informed about Allen's first Yukon Quest race. It is hard not to keep checking constantly - to read the latest news and to see just where he is on the trail.

Can't wait to hear the first-hand news from Allen when Bridgett sees him in Circle.

babs said...

Thanks for taking the time for the update. What a relief it will be to have those bags done & on their way!

Linda T said...

Hello - can't wait to get an update from BJ; I am curious as to which dog was dropped at Slaven Cabin.