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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Visit from the Doctor

Dr. Nelson, PUD, Aliy and Allen

Dr. Stuart Nelson, DVM, is the Chief Veterinarian for the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. In the month prior to the race, he conscientiously tries to visit some of this year's race kennels. This way he can talk to the mushers and look over the dogs in their home setting. It was a great visit and Dr. Nelson, Allen and Aliy chatted about many health, nutrition and overall wellness issues.

Dr. Nelson was "hands on" with some of our racers. It was very positive to have a skilled sled dog veterinarian spend several hours walking with, talking to and examining dogs.


NCL said...

Super photo! Another example of how well taken care of the dogs are. It's pretty clear how PUD feels about Aliy. Hope we get to meet him in Anchorage!

andrea gilson said...

I think it's also pretty clear how Aliy feels about her dogs. They are a bunch of lucky pups!

Marla BB said...

So, what did he say about Pud?
I still remember running him when you were running Iditarod 2008 & I thought he was super leader then...
Go Questers!

Aliy said...

Dr. Nelson actually thought PUD looked great now. We looked over all of his blood work and thyroid panels and he came to the same diagnosis as previous Vets. PUD, for some unknown reason, has developed a thyroid deficiency this season. There are no other medical issues (that he could see with a physical exam, blood work or full chemical panels). PUD has run on several short training runs. He now lives right next to the basement door - so he will always get his medication right on time!
PUD is a great dog and he was barking and lunging to go yesterday!

Charlotte said...

Great news about Pud! He surely looks full of energy and ready to go! We hope to see him in Anchorage! Last year Dr. Nelson gave a very interesting lecture during pre- iditarod time to tell everyone all that goes in to being a vet for the Iditarod race.Hope he talks again this year.
Go SP Kennel!