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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spotlight On...Roy!

This series of posts spotlights particular dogs at SP Kennel.
We'd like you to get to know these dogs and love them for the individuals that they are.


Macgellan said...

One more thing that makes Roy unique... and can account for his vocal, lovable personality!... he's the only dog in the yard whose daddy is the famous Manny!!!! Talk about sweethearts!

andrea gilson said...

I miss Manny! Like father like son, sooooo cute!

andrea gilson said...

It would be awesome to have a "where are they now" section for those of us who have been watching these great dogs over the years!

weedabble said...

Yes, I was so happy to "hear" Roy, and realize that even tho Manny is retired, we can still hear his voice through Roy...Manny is of my all time fav's!
Also, Hi to Macgellan...nice to read some words from you again. We miss you!

BJ said...

That is MY BOY Roy! I do love this dog!

KGobbel said...

Well since only 1 dog can be 'the smartest'- enthusiasm, ability and endurance have to count for something. And he is pretty smart to train everyone in the 'soft pet' department (hmmm who's smartest?)

I have treats and soft pets and hope to see 'our' boy in March. Maybe some extra snacks and hugs in the meantime?


Lynn said...

What a lovey dove he is! He looks like he'd be a great couch dog someday. Any chance of him hooking up with one of the ladies so "The Voice" could live on?
Good luck on your race tomorrow, Ryne!