SP Kennel is a premier sled dog racing kennel in Two Rivers, Alaska, dedicated to the individual dog through excellent health, nutrition, training and specialized care.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Copper Basin 300 Schedule

The SP Kennel racing season continues with Copper Basin 300 this weekend.
What's the schedule?

  • Stretch out all Racing dogs on short training run
  • Ryne runs all dogs that will be left at SP Kennel on a longer training run (they will have a few days off)
  • Pack Race Gear, Sleds, Truck Gear, Handler Gear for Black, Red and Red & Black Racing Teams
  • Fuel up two Dog Trucks at Pleasant Valley Store
  • Add Straw to Dog Boxes
  • Dog Trucks
  • Breakfast Snacks for the Racing Dogs and load them in Dog Trucks
  • Load Allen, Aliy, Bridgett and Ryne (Red Team Handler) into Dog Trucks
  • Swing by neighbor Bob's house and pick him up (Red & Black Team Handler)
  • Drive south approximately 250 miles to Glennallen
  • Stretch out Dogs and Humans
  • Check in at CB 300 Headquarters and drop off Food Drop @ 2PM
  • Musher Meeting and Start Draw @ 4PM
  • Drive north approximately 75 miles back to Paxson
  • Meet up with Ray (Black Team Handler)
  • Walk and Feed all Dogs and Humans
  • Sleep tight ... Dogs in Boxes, Mushers in Cabin

  • Breakfast for the Racing Dogs & Mushers
  • Position Trucks and Teams at starting positions
  • 1 PM Start


Mike from IL said...

Should be an exciting race GOOD LUCK EVERYONE, safe travels and happy trails.

Jeff Buddington said...

Sharpen the CUTTER and churn the BUTTER?

D said...

For got something.................Good Luck Aliy !

Anonymous said...

Go SP Kennel!

Best wishes and winning ways for the CB300!!!

weedabble said...

Love your comment Jeff!
Fascinating to read the getting ready part of racing....makes me feel part of the excitement!
Have safe and fun races everyone...let's hear you cheering Roy!!!!

NCL said...

Good luck to you all - dogs and handlers included!