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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Congratulations Teddy!

Lil Deb, Tatfish and Teddy "chilling out"

Macgellan fell in love with this good looking dog years ago! In all of his travels around the globe, he still can't seem to find a grey furry "joyful to be alive" pooch like Ted. She is a rock star and will make her way down the Iditarod Trail at 9 1/2 years old in March. That's one solid dog.

Someday Teddy.... the couch awaits.

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Jeff Buddington said...

The dog...the legend...the Tedstah...on a side note, I don't think I've ever seen Tatfish with his eyes closed!!

weedabble said...

I see the doges are wearing different harnesses..you usually wear Man-Mat harnesses....are you making a change??

Anonymous said...

The photo of the dogs is very sweet. Teddy looks very large. Getting ready for the Iditarod must keep you very busy. Good luck.
From Indigo

Aliy said...

Teddy has the thickest coat in the yard. She prefers to sleep outside at 30 below zero.
We use these traditional harnesses occasionally when we haul heavier slow loads. We have had tons of snow this past week and so the traveling is slow. More snow to come - up to 10 inches by Saturday!

Lisa B said...

Go Teddy - another Iditarod! Good girl convincing the boss that the silly retirement talk going on at last year's Iditarod was premature.