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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Allen Off On the Trail

Although it was a little crazy getting to the starting line, Allen and the Black Team are on their way.  On this BEAUTIFUL day, all of SP Kennel's teams are on the trail.  Each of our mushers are carrying a SPOT locator and you can track them at www.cb300.com.

The teams now travel through the mountains to village of Chistochina, a hard 6 - 8 hour run. We will get updates out as soon as possible.


Jeff Buddington said...

Absolutely wild being way back here in Connecticut and hearing Ranger's trademark 'double bark' through the internet radio feed at the start chute!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Red team is maintaining position #2 so far.
The Red & Black team is holding steady in the pack.
The black team is quickly passing competitors.
The SPOT site is:
This is very interesting to watch the markers move during the race!

Go SP Kennel Teams!

Lisa B said...

Thanks so much for updating the Dog Log for us fans - I really appreciate it! Wishing the BEST for all 3 teams.

The GPS Spot Trackers are a super cool edition to the race this year. They are going to keep me glued to my computer. Can't imagine how much they're going to add to the atmosphere of suspense for Aliy, Allen & Bridgett's family and the SPK support folks waiting back in Two Rivers.

Go Dogs!