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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sheep Mountain 150 R & B Team Finish

The Red and Black Team crossed the finish line at 3:25 PM in a total race time of 27 hours and 25 minutes. This was an 18th place finish out of 39 teams.

As you will see the SP Kennel dogs look FANTASTIC! It is so amazing that a group of twelve well bred, well trained and well cared for sled dogs can run 150 miles and then come across the finish line SCREAMING to run more. What great dogs!


Lisa B said...

Great Job Bridgett! The dogs look fantastic. There's certainly no mistaking that Roy is related to Manny.

Congratulations on your Sportsmanship Award, but for us fans who've gotten to know you via the Dog Log, it's really no surprise that you'd be so "dog first" to stop in a race to secure a loose dog.

Thanks to everyone who is behind the scenes working on getting these postings, photos and videos onto the Dog Log. I'm really enjoying them.

weedabble said...

That was great to watch.
Who is that we can hear above all the other dogs? It made me think of Manny?(I miss him!)

Dustyllr said...

I miss Manny too! I was wondering if that was Roy we heard.

Mel Bowman said...

Well done Bridgett! Well done dogs! They look like they're ready to run another 150 miles.

Aliy said...

That was Roy screaming to go - a lot like his Poppa (Manny).
We miss Manny too. But Manny is running the show at "Paws for Adventure" here in Alaska.

Jeff Buddington said...

To emphasize the talent of Bridgett and her sled dog team in this race: The Red and Black Team had a five minute cushion on DeeDee Jonrowe's team at the 100 mile checkpoint! Hey Cutter! Great job, Big Boys Daddy!

Linda T said...

Great to see Cutter come in tail up, lookin' strong and ready to keep going with the rest. Can't wait to see his sons do the same.

Nice job Bridgett.