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Friday, December 24, 2010

Congratulations Moonpie!

Congratulations to Moonpie!

To Mona Fredrick, there’s not a better dog than our “sweet Southern boy,” Moonpie. While he might not have the best manners, his humorous, drawling howl is enough to win anyone over, especially a fellow Southerner like Mona. His charming personality combined with his go-get-‘em attitude makes him a contender in any team!

Thank you Mona for being apart of the SP Kennel team and sponsoring Moonpie!

SP Kennel dog sponsorship is one of our most popular programs. Our dog sponsors are a big part of the SP K team. If you'd like more information about the program, check out
How to be a Dog Sponsor.

Moonpie howling before the Iditarod start.


Lynn said...

And he's the co-star of the "Manny and Moonpie Show" ~ one of my most favorite videos! We've been enjoying your many postings lately. MacGellan it's nice to see your name popping up again!
Merry Christmas to everyone at SPKennel. As soon as I recover from my Christmas spending spree, I plan on renewing my "Join The Team" membership!

Heather said...

Which dog is standing in front of Moonpie in that picture? He/she is adorable!

Thank you

Mona said...

We are very happy to sponsor Moonpie and SP Kennel. Happy holidays to all!

Aliy said...

Beemer is the "blonde" standing in front of Moonpie. He is a 3 year old and just finish the Sheep Mtn 150 in lead alongside his brother, Scout. I like his white nose with a black tip!

Heather said...

Thank you. The white nose is really cute, but I'm amazed by the look on his face. He is so intent - probably watching one of his people - does he take after his Mom?

Dustyllr said...

You MUST find the video of Bridgett picking Beemer up from the dropped dog lot during Iditarod 2009. You will REALLY fall in love with him then!

Heather said...

Thanks for the tip, Beemer's grown up so much (and he was so tired in that video).

BTW, congrats to Moonpie too!