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Saturday, November 13, 2010

SP Kennel Junior Mushers

Dog mushing is officially Alaska's state sport. Therefore, here at SP Kennel we like to give everybody a chance to fall in love with the sport. That includes the youngest Alaskans. This season we hope to introduce our two young boys, Jacob and Sam, to mushing..... first hand.

Roy gets some loving from Bridgett and Jacob

In order for them to get the full benefit of the sport however, they need a sled. Since most of our sleds are constructed for tall adults, they won't work. So, Allen has taken on the task.

Ryne and Honda were kind enough to "test drive" the Kids Sled - now were ready!


Swanny said...

Alas, it is the lot of a sled dog handler to do all those tasks that would otherwise make the musher's back hurt. I guarantee that bending over that little drive bow would make my back hurt in short order.

Nicely done. I can't believe the babies are growing so quickly though. Give 'em hugs and tickles for me.


Anonymous said...

loved the in-dog-ural run! thanks for sharing :)

Mel Bowman said...

You'll have to post a video when the boys have their first ride on the sled! My son will be jealous!

So what kind of gloves or mittens do you find for tiny hands to keep them warm and dry? My son's hands are always freezing when we come inside.

Lisa B said...

Look out JR Iditarod 2022! Can't wait to see updates of how the two boys take to it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but that sled is just way to cute!!



Linda said...

This is so neat! Can't wait to see how they like it!