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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New SP Kennel Team Member

We have more exciting news at SP Kennel!

With all the great SPK racing dogs and the big plans for this season, Allen and Aliy decided they need some kennel help. This season - wearing the Red and Black - will be our newest SP Kennel Team Member: Ryne Olson.

Ryne comes to us from Colorado via a summer stint on a glacier dog mushing operation in Southeast Alaska. She seems to be right at home in a small Two Rivers cabin, sleeping with two dogs and working with SP Dogs all day long.


kb said...

Welcome Ryne...What a nice name! I'm sure this experience will be so valuable for you. We will all be looking forward to seeing more of you on this website.

Aliy, Will Brigette and/or Ryne be racing this season for SPKennels?

Also I looked for the newsletter and can't seem to find it now.

Aliy said...

The HOWLER newsletter had a technical hiccup and will be posted again.

The goal is to run and race every SP K dog this season - that's what they love to do.

So, Bridgett can only leave Nome (and her job) once in a while, I hope she can do the SM 150 and CB 300. That leaves the possibility for Ryne to race in the YQ300. So, we'll see.

katalen dw said...

awwww wish i could go an learn how to sled and raise a iditarod team, since its my dream to run the race lol, im trying to learn on my own an not doing great

andrea gilson said...

Ryne you are in for a treat. I have one of the sp kennel retired sled dogs rosco and if the current dogs at the kennel now are half as outgoing, friendly and loving as my rosco is your heart will be full of sled dog love before you know it. have fun and good luck!

Mel Bowman said...


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the SP Kennel fan base. Hope to see more of you.