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Saturday, September 4, 2010

2010 Mushing Adventure Trips : Day Two

SP Kennel coordinates "Natural Extremes" Mushing Trips every year after Iditarod. These are fun dog team adventures for the mushers, dogs and the guests. This past March and April, we spent almost a month exploring the western coast of Alaska with three groups of guests.

This video footage hopefully provides a glimpse of our adventures.

Day Two Excerpt

Our goal was to mush our dog teams 25 miles from Salmon Lake north to Pilgrim Hot Springs.

The day started with bright blue skies and no wind. We made great time for several hours through the gorgeous mountainous landscape. Then as we climbed higher, we encountered a ruthless ground blizzard and struggled through "Golden Gate" mountain pass. The final seven miles were challenging with windy, cold conditions. We reached the Hot Springs in the evening and finally set up camp for us and the dogs. It was a long, tough Day Two.


Mel Bowman said...

That looks like so much fun! We'll definitely have to take one of your trips one day when our son is old enough to join us. What's the youngest you've ever brought?

As always, thanks for sharing!

Aliy said...

As of right now .....youngest guest has been 13 and oldest has been 78

jplife said...

wow, looks like a awesome trip,something to plan for in the future.Have a great year.