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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SP Kennel Newsletter: Howler -- Iditarod Edition!

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Kay said...

Great newsletter. You all must be so excited as the big race is so close. Thanks for all the information to date and looking forward to following the race coverage. K

Dustyllr said...

The newsletter was informative and fun. Happy's message was superb! I read it with my students after finishing testing last week. Happy was just what they needed!

KB said...

Aliy and Allen,

The newsletter was awesome and very professional as usual.

Last year was the first time I really followed the Iditarod. I found your site through the Iditarod link, which made following the race more interesting. You've since become my kids' and my favorite mushers.

You truly have a great job being able to run sled dogs out in God's wonderful creation.

Go dogs!

Anonymous said...

We are terribly, terribly excited about Chica and Quito being in the same team!
But we will still be following Mr Moore's Black team with Happy. We are predicting that Mr Moore and his team will win the Most Improved Musher award this year.
At homeschool this week, we have made our Iditarod folders, with all our predictions and checkpoint sheets and musher information, made our 2.5m trail maps (showing distances and elevations), painted our racing bibs, begun our Idita-Read journey and have our SP Kennel caps on. We are ready for the Iditarod just like the SP Kennel team is!
from Chloe and Indigo