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Monday, March 15, 2010

Iditarod 2010: Video Viewing Tips

You may not know that YouTube does a "progressive" streaming of video. This means that as soon as I've uploaded a video, it is available in a "lo-res" version. After a few minutes, YouTube re-renders it in a higher quality version that is a lot closer to what I've uploaded.

Also, "Aliy Cam" videos are all "wide-screen" which makes them "smaller" in the limited width of the Dog Log's format. If you click to view them on YouTube directly, you will see a significantly larger format AND have the option to view it in what they call "480p" which is as good as you're going to get.

So… I'm not suggesting -- or deluding myself! -- that you "wait" to view these videos, but you might want to return to them after a while and watch the better/bigger versions… Okay?


Kelly said...

Will you be taping Aliy and Allen coming into Nome? I'm on the east coast and will be driving tomorrow allday so I will miss the finishes live, but hope you will video all of it for us and get interviews! All I really care about seeing are the Eagle Pack mushers anyway!
Good luck and have fun, you are doing an awesome job!!

Macgellan said...

I certainly intend to film Aliy and Allen arriving in Nome... I honestly don't believe they will be here tomorrow, so you're probably going to be okay anyway... Go Eagle Pack Teams!

Kelly said...

I think I would rather watch your video than the Insider! You will for sure give us more details and exciting coverage! I have really enjoyed following this with you and only wish I could be there! The 6 days I was there was an absolute dream and I plan on coming back next year...good luck in the next couple of days, I'm sure there will be lots of smiling faces and wagging tails!
Go Eagle Pack!

KB said...

I've showed your videos to as many as would listen to me during this latest Iditarod run...even your old ones. Aliy did an AWESOME job. I hope to meet her and Allen, as well as those wonderful dogs one day.
I will be watching for Aliy to arrive in Nome...

BTW, Mac, have the hits on this website gone way up during the race? Thanks for the updates.