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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Iditarod 2010: Sunday Morning Update

I'm sorry to report that I have nothing to report...

Aliy is cruising her way toward Unalakleet where Bridgett is waiting for her. Allen is on the Yukon approaching Nulato. So, everything looks good and the race is really starting to get exciting!

I am headed to the airport for my flights to Nome, so I will be off-line for the rest of the day. I hope to get something to report when I get there... Hopefully an update from Bridgett in UNK!

You may recall that Aliy has her "new" video camera out on the Trail. Our "plan" to send footage back to me here in Fairbanks has not worked out. Aliy did say she sent a chip, but it did not catch up to me here. It will probably be sitting in the Post Office tomorrow!

Our "back up plan" is for Bridgett to grab whatever Aliy has in UNK and bring it to me in Nome. So, I'm still hopeful that we will be able to share something with you before the race is over. We will certainly post tons of it after the race to help with what I think one of you called "Iditawithdrawal."

Go Teams!... Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Mac, I hope Aliy will be able to say or show where she and the other 3 mushers stayed at before hitting Unalakleet CP. There was no checkpoint there; we assume it was one of the cabins.

ChaCha's fan said...

hope you arrived well in nome ....

it looks to me that the mushers have to take care of the dogs and feed them. so it looks different than in the yukon quest. however, in this case, what do iditarod rules allow bridget to help aliy & allen?
take good care while dealing with your own "racing" ..

Lisa said...

Aliy is doing GREAT - very exciting to watch. I have my hopes for where she places but I'm not going to voice them since: 1)I don't want to jinx her and 2)I know that for a "dog first" musher like Aliy that crossing the finish line with strong, healthy, happy dogs who ran their very best is considered winning in their book.

Allen is cruising along nicely too and it's exciting to know that he's going to bring a great group of dogs to Nome for added depth for Aliy to pick from for next year.

Even though my eyes are glued to Aliy and Allen, I know they have good friends & neighbors who are out on the trail too. There was a nice video on the Insider of T-Rose at the Galena checkpoint. I was also sorry to read that Judy Currier (who kindly lets SPK use her meat saw) hurt her back and has scratched from the race.

May Aliy, Allen and every single other musher who is brave/bold/crazy enough to run this race all make it safely to Nome.

I'm so glad that you'll be there to cover the finishes - you do a terrific job!

Macgellan said...

Howdy!... I'm at the airport... Just checked in Stormy and JJ for our trip to Nome... They are great lead dogs who didn't get to run Iditarod but who are in fine shape to work the Natural Extremes expeditions out of Nome in the coming weeks...

Re. Bridgett "helping"... She is allowed to do absolutely NOTHING to help Aliy unless there is an emergency with the dogs -- e.g. loose dog, sick dog, etc. -- or if there is an emergency with Aliy -- e.g. injury, etc.

No "normal help" with any dog chores, feeding, booties, etc... nothing...

She is allowed too -- and you can be sure she will -- hug, kiss, smooch, cuddle, coo over all the dogs!

That is universally allowed, and in my opinion ought to be mandatory!

BJ said...

Hey, BJ from Unk! Anxiously awaiting her arrival and the 12 souls running in front of her! Let you all know how its going once she is in:)

Anonymous said...

There are so many who are following Aliy's progress. Tell her we are glued to the IonEarth watching her number 50 move.

ChaCha's fan said...

Yes! good idea. bridget: cheer her up! tell her: we are excited. she looks good on gps with her speed ...and the race is still long! all the best to her and her dreams!

giggle: taking care of the dogs ... sounds great, agree. did not know that "psychological care" is allowed" :o) so, she has also a chance to massage those tough guys?

Aunty Em said...

Can cuddle time with the dogs include some well deserved massages?