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Monday, March 8, 2010

Iditarod 2010: Pre-Race -- Part 2

In Part 2, we pick up about an hour before the SP Kennel Teams' start times. Some of the "early" teams have started down the trail, but our fantastic canine athletes are all still hanging around the dog trucks, putting on their harnesses, booties and game faces.

So, here's a little overview of the pre-race scene and some quality time with the dogs!

In Part 3, we'll meet the final teams and join them on their journey to the starting line!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this!

It looks like some of the red team dogs are wearing tee shirts-- is that a lead dog thing? An older dog thing?

Tami said...

Was just wondering about Happy. I had thought I had read earlier that he was on Allen's Team.

Anonymous said...

now we know the teams?
so, no happy this time ...
I can see a head sticking out of the group (left side) on alyi's team (photo).
looks like nacho?
wow: mama chacha and son are leading
what a unique moment :o)

respect, mac: distinguishing 32 dogs ... looks as if they all like you.
love the videos when you come so close that their nose gets huge :o)
and how do you keep the camera so stable?

andrea gilson said...

where is our "happy" girl?

Macgellan said...

T-shirts: Has nothing to do with "lead dogs"... Instead, we dress each dog according to his or her particular "vulnerabilities"... Cha has a thin coat on her chest so she sometimes wears a t-shirt for wind protection... We have a "team closet" and unlike humans who have a sense of "clothes possession" dogs don't care... any dog will wear any piece of clothing that the musher puts on him/her...

You may have noticed that we do have "gender specific" wind jackets... the boys wear jackets with, um, "flaps" underneath... to protect their "parts" from wind... the girls don't have those "flaps" but often wear shirts that cover their bellies... If that description isn't satisfactory, "ask your mother"... :-0)