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Monday, March 15, 2010

Iditarod 2010: Greetings From Nome

I've been out for a brief foray/recon here in Nome and wanted to share a few sights with you. First, of course, the famous burled arch has been erected and awaits the mushers:

Next, a sign of free enterprise in this amazing little city:

Last, but certainly not least, my favorite sign in front of the Nome Department of Redundancy Department:

If the internet holds together up here, I might have a real treat for you later this afternoon!... Stay tuned!


ChaCha's fan said...


this with the redundancy dept is a joke?
or, what is it actually doing? :o)
but looks cool.
great reporting.

yeah, Aliy takes a rest now? she was fourth.... and it looks as if those teams that took rests are getting now stronger ...
go Aliy, go!

I admire Allen going with the "kids" on the big tour ....
must be fun and bring also good stories about them learning.
respect, Allen, and:
go Allen, go!

Macgellan said...

The sign is real... the "Redundancy Dept" is my humor only...

Aliy was never fourth... only a "trick" of the GPS mileage... Please see comments in previous post.

Allen is doing very well with the "kids"... Very well!

Anonymous said...

Love the $3 beers. Even in NYC it's not THAT much for a can of Beast. How much is a load laundry up there?

Macgellan said...

I don't know about the laundry prices, but I can tell you that a Subway "$5 footlong" is $8 up here...

Anonymous said...

LOL. Thanks for the price answer.