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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Iditarod 2010: Email From Bridgett In Unalakleet

Hey! Still in Unk!... Not much to say yet...

It's a beautiful clear sunny day, temp -30 with a light wind.  We went out to see Lance come in last night.  He looked strong and so did his dogs.  Jeff and Hugh are determined, so time will tell.  We (Scotty and I) are super excited to see Aliy here sooooooon!  We are staying the night again here in Unk so we can see her in and out.  We will be back in Nome tomorrow by noon.  All the mushers thus far look happy and healthy.  We might get even get to see dad come in!  There is a great coffee shop and the hospitality has been amazing while we have been here.  Sure wish you were all with us!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. From the GPS Aliy looks good. If everything goes good, she's in for a great finish!

LindaVistaLLC said...

3:45 AKDT

As I sit here, I find myself hoping she and the team feel like pushing on to Shaktoolik. She is really running a great race, and I guess I will know in about 30 minutes or so what she intends.


River Bluff said...

Bridgett, thanks for your updates along the trail. They are really appreciated! It's so exciting. Wish I was there!

Anonymous said...

Give her a big hug from all of us armchair mushers!!!!
From watching the tracker, the team was on a very nice pace into Unalakleet.
There was so much drain on the server for the tracker that it crashed shortly after Aliy made it to Unalakleet!

Kelly said...

How exciting that you will be with the team in Unk! I hope they are are doing well. Please give lots of kisses and belly rubs from us watching from home!
Good luck!!!

Libby the Lab said...

Just saw Aliy come in on the "Middie Cam" set up by the Bering Strait School District to honor their hometown musher Middie. I see Bridgit and Scotty too! Great race Aliy!!

sarsmile said...

Someone took some webcam snapshots of Aliy arriving in Unk today:


Looks like she even stopped to sign some autographs!

sarsmile said...

Just watched Aliy heading out of Unk on the webcam. She was putting on booties, Bridgett was going up and down the line hugging dogs, and Scotty was supervising :) Hope they have a great run to Shak!

Auntie Em said...

I happened to be watching the live video feed from Unalakleet, and I think I saw Aliy getting things ready to leave (at about7:00 pm Alaska time, I think). It's a little hard to follow, as the camera moves around all over the place and isn't always in focus. Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure it was Aliy.

It made me consider how organized you must have to be in order to run this race efficiently. It seemed like there was a lot to do before actually taking off---and so many people milling around while you're trying to take care of everything.

Wish I could have seen better and that they would have kept the camera focused on Aliy and the dogs, but it was still exciting to get that glimpse.

I'm looking forward to seeing actual video when it becomes available.

Lucy T said...

Screen captures from the UNK webcam of Aliy:


Anonymous said...

March 14th: great pictures of Aliy arriving at Unalakleet at adn.com:
1/26, 7/26, 8/26, 10/26, 14/26