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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Going Training

It's minus 25 degrees outside this morning, so winter is here!  No matter what the temperature, training is a full time job at the kennel. Here's a video that shows you a little bit about what it's like when we are going training!  Enjoy!

Did you enjoy this video?  Is there something special you'd like to see?
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Peggy in Seattle said...

Loved the footage - especially the close-ups of the dogs, seeing the surrounding area, the sun on the tops of the trees, hearing from Aliy and seeing the dogs get so excited to get to work.
Question, do they all sleep in their own little houses or do they curl up together? And, do they ever get to come inside and sleep up on a real bed?

Linda said...

Aliy, It is so exciting to see the dogs and how you go about training them! I hope you will go through and introduce us to the other dogs in addition to Cha Cha! Will all the kennel dogs be going with us on our ANWR adventure? I think it would be interesting to see how you hook them up (a little preview)! Really enjoy the blog and the videos! Linda - Anderson, CA

Sue Weiss said...

I love the video! What a wonderful addition to your website. Pictures are wonderful but video is so much better. After seeing your dog lot and the dogs this summer, it is a real treat to see them in training and I love the closeups. Cha Cha is one of my favorites and of course I am totally in love with Heeler! That face just melts my heart. Good luck to you both as you start your race season.

A happy sponsor said...

Like getting to meet one of the dogs up close and personal. Look forward to getting to know the rest of the kennel in days to come.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rhino! A fantastic addition to our blog. Keep them coming. Kennel MOM.